Why Choosing Accounting

I am passionate about numbers. Since I was very young, my dream has been to become an accountant; therefore, I have re-entered Indian River State College (IRSC) to finish my Associates in Liberal Arts to enter the bachelors program to be able to apply for the CPA license. I have conducted a research of the different school and state requirements to be a licensed accountant.

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 Choosing Accounting

The college that I chose is anticipating the accounting career to grow more than 10 percent in the following 10 years. This college has seen an increase in enrollment in bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks. It is one of the largest growing careers due to its importance in the business world (College, 2012). Accounting has an average pay of $65, 000 per year or an average of hourly pay of $31.70 per hour (Statistics, 2015).

IRSC contributions and requirements                                                                                                     

IRSC is a public College that attracts over 32,000 students every year, and focuses in the success of students, making it rank 10th in south Florida by U.S. News and World report. The students have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills to become Accountants, such as expertise in computers software for Accountants, teaching how to do ledger entries, and in keeping records of receipts for businesses to calculate profits and loss. In only two years, students will be able to start getting involved in the Accounting world (College, 2012).

IRSC also offers scholarships and financial assistance to its students with an affordable tuition, so they can achieve their dreams. It was designated as the fifth most affordable college by the U.S. Department of Education (College, 2012). Some different options are available for consideration:

  • Scholarships through STARS program
  • Apply for financial aid through fafsa.ed.gov
  • Pell grant of students load are available through FAFSA

Required Classes

These required classes can be from IRSC or any reputable college to enter the Accounting field, after completing the general education courses (College, 2012).

  • College computing
  • Business communication
  • Financial Accounting I
  • Financial Accounting II
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Intermediate Accounting
  • Intermediate algebra
  • Income tax
  • Statistics

State requirement for Certify Public Accountant (CPA) Application as of April 2013

To apply for the CPA license, the student must have completed at least 120 semester hours from college or university, must include 24 semester hours or 36-quarter hours of upper division, should include coverage of taxation, auditing cost, managerial, financial, and accounting information system.

The State requires at least one of each of the following: business law, statistics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, and introduction to computer. Students need six semester or eight-quarter hours of business law courses and must take classes’ contract, torts, and uniform commerce codes (Veloria A. Kelly, 2003-2007).


For a complete list of FAQ, follow the link to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation

(Atomic, 2013)


After finishing the investigation on the Accounting career, I can clearly see that there are many requirements needed to become a CPA. It would require from me one more year to finish what I started many years ago. I currently have an Associates in Science Degree and will need to complete more classes to obtain an Associates in Liberal Arts to be able to enter the bachelors program. Once I finish all the required classes, I can apply for the CPA. It would mean a tremendous sacrifice considering the time and requirements to meet, but the average salary is well worth the sacrifice.


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